Quiz Answered, Finally!

The long awaited moment is here. You have all probably been wondering what those two creatures in my last post are. Or maybe, if you read the comments on that post, you figured that Anna had correctly ID’d the frog and the ode and that there was no reason for you to comment. Well, let me first congratulate Anna because yes, she did get the IDs correct!! The herp is a Green Frog and yes the ode is a BlackRead more

Some Early September Sights

As you well know (if you’ve been following this blog) caterpillars tend to show up more frequently from late summer into fall. It’s not so much that there are more of them, but that the larger species are maturing, their frass more visible on the ground beneath the trees and shrubs that they’re feeding on, and many of them are hustling across the paths on their way to finding a safe place to pupate over the coming winter. Here’s a fewRead more

The Wheel, a Hopper, a Borer, and a Carpet Beetle

Dragonfly and damselfly species are picking up. Seen this period were (dates next to names indicate day in which that species was first observed this season) Fragile Forktail, Citrine Forktail (4/18), Orange Bluet (4/27), Skimming Bluet (4/28), Common Green Darner, Swamp Darner, Common Baskettail, Eastern Pondhawk (4/25), Blue Corporal (4/25), Blue Dasher (4/27), Common Whitetail, and Black Saddlebags (4/27). The Skimming Bluets in the image at left are configured in what is referred to as the “copulation wheel.” This configurationRead more

Late September Insects

Despite a general decrease in dragonfly activity, several dragonflies are still being seen in small numbers including Common Green Darner, Black Saddlebags and Wandering Glider. All three of these dragonfly species are known to move with the seasons. With the winds out of the north, mostly northeast for a good part of the period, I’m inclined to think that the individuals that are being seen are indeed migrants. Not on the move but still fairly common are Blue Dashers. SoRead more

Dragonflies, Two Orange Butterflies, and a Hummingbird Moth

Top Photo: Slaty skimmer (male). Three new Dragonfly species showed up during the past few weeks, bringing the total number of Dragonfly and Damselfly species seen so far this spring to fifteen. Comet Darners, Slaty Skimmers, and Black Saddlebags were spotted over the Wetlands. Comet Darners and Black Saddlebags also made appearances at the Sailboat Pond. Monarch and Viceroy Butterflies were both seen during the period. Viceroys are mimics of the Monarch, although they are a bit smaller than theRead more