January 10th was a fun day. It was Birdapalooza at the Museum. I see a lot of people during my day out on the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind Loop, and by all accounts, Birdapalooza was a rousing success! Besides there being many special programs in the main building and other areas on the Museum grounds, I led a Bird Walk around the Wetlands and through Catch the Wind. Many of the birds that I had staked out earlier remainedRead more

Excavations Underway, Visitors from the North

For the past month or more, a male Red-bellied Woodpecker has been excavating a hole near the end of a broken branch of a Loblolly Pine. The pine is just outside the entrance to the Lemur House. The bird will, presumably, use the hole to roost in during the cold winter nights, and perhaps to nest in later in the year. This industrious woodpecker is not always at the site, but is usually on the job from a little afterRead more