How Close Can You Get?

Top Photo: Ranger Patrick (lower right) photographing one of the local red-shouldered hawks (beyond and to right of pine tree – large tree trunk on left). Our resident red-shouldered hawks are quite used to human activity. When they’re hunting they seem to pay little or no attention to folks passing by. In the heat of the breeding season the birds seem even less concerned. They often allow close approach by photographers like Ranger Patrick in the photos here, as heRead more

2014-2015 Creeper Shot: In the Can

  Once again, the annual brown creeper shot is in the can. Each winter I happen across one of these birds that allows me a close enough approach so as to get a photo or two. Most of the time the shots are of the bird’s tail, a piece of the wing, or very much out of focus due to the bird’s frenetic behavior, and my camera’s slow reaction time. On Saturday, February 28, while standing at the Red WolfRead more