First Orangetip!

The first of the season Falcate Orangetip (Anthocharis midea) here at the Museum was seen yesterday, March 6, in Catch the Wind. For those of you unfamiliar with this butterfly, it’s a spring flying butterfly and can only be seen for a short period each year. The sighting of this butterfly on Saturday was two days earlier than the first sighting last year. These butterflies use plants in the mustard family for laying eggs. Not surprising since mustards are late winter/springtimeRead more

Falcate Orangetip!

Yesterday, after writing about the early butterflies that have been showing up recently, I happened upon a Falcate Orangetip (Anthocharis midea). And, I was lucky enough to get a photo the little butterfly. Falcates don’t sit still for long as they zip along the woodland understory so it’s always exciting to be able to get a photo of one. Falcates are early season butterflies, as you may have guessed. The males emerge first in early to mid March, the femalesRead more