Afternoon Reflections on the Wetlands, and a Sleepy Wolf

After I took the following four photographs I realized that they are all of the same subject but at different levels of zoom. They were not shot in the same sequence as they appear here but minutes apart with other photos in between. There was obviously something that drew my eye to that spot. And, a sleepy wolf. What do you think this wolf is dreaming about, the breeding season to come? a rawhide chew? a run through the woods?Read more


For the past week there has been a fire burning in eastern North Carolina. What’s the connection between a fire in eastern NC and the Museum of Life + Science here in Durham, why write a post about that fire? Well, besides the smoke drifting in to the Triangle on today’s easterly winds, that fire is burning in Alligator National Wildlife Refuge. Still, what’s the connection to us at the Museum? The Red Wolves we have here at the MuseumRead more