Northern Water Snake vs Copperhead

It’s almost a daily occurrence, I’d be watching a water snake coiled up and snoozing in the grass on the north side of the Wetlands, point the snake out to someone passing by and they’d say, “That looks like a Copperhead,” or, “Is that a moccasin, cottonmouth?” or most often, “Is it poisonous?” The answer to that statement and those questions is always no. In explaining my no response, last question first, no snake in our area is poisonous. It’s an honestRead more

Don’t Tread On Me!

When a Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) hears, or feels, you coming its way it generally freezes. They often stop their forward motion and wait for you to pass by, relying on their cryptic coloration to hide them from your view, you being a potential predator. Most folks pass right by Copperheads, unseen. Some people accidentally step on these docile snakes for the same reason (they don’t see them), causing the snakes to react with a bit to the leg. And ofRead more