An Osprey’s Peregrinations

Back in February I attempted to steer you, the reader, towards a web site that follows the travels of a select group of radio-tagged Ospreys as they headed south in the fall of 2010 from their fledging sites here in North America. At the time, I had followed the route of an Osprey named Belle from her birthplace on Marth’s Vineyard to a reservoir in Rondonia,┬áBrazil where she settled in for the duration. She’s still there and won’t return tillRead more

Where do Ospreys go in Winter?

Although winter is nearly over and many of the birds that have spent the winter in the tropics are either on their way back north, or soon will be, I thought it might be interesting to see where some of them traveled to when they left our part of the world (North America) last fall. The following link will take you on a trip (several trips, in fact) on the backs of Ospreys from the nest where they were hatchedRead more