Who’s that?

What’s that under the bench out in Explore the Wild? I saw the fox searching under the bench out in front of the restrooms in Explore the Wild as I rounded the bend from the Lemur Exhibit. I paused and watched as the little canid reached under the bench and grabbed a morsel of food, perhaps a goldfish left by one of the field-tripping schools kids earlier in the day. The fox finally spotted me and we briefly stared at eachRead more

Raccoons and Rodents

A family group of Raccoons was observed making the rounds in the Wetlands on the 29th of the month. Each day, raccoon tracks can be seen in the increasingly wide, muddy shoreline which encircles the Wetlands. Often, tracks can be seen crossing the pavement where the raccoons had, the night before, left the water and crossed over the pavement during their nightly routines. (They usually hit the trash receptacles on their way around the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind loop,Read more