A Caterpillar and a Salamander

Walking down the boardwalk, I noticed a dozen or so pieces of frass ahead of me on the boards. There was a branch of sweet gum tree overhanging the boardwalk directly above the frass. Several leaves had been chewed to mere skeletons. A search through the leaves revealed a large green caterpillar with red spots along its sides. It was a luna moth caterpillar and it was munching away on the leaves of the tree. I see lots of lunaRead more

Waxing Moon & Luna Moth

The Black Light Insect Hunt was held last night under a waxing crescent moon. The temperature and humidity were perfect for a night out on the Wetlands. Chimney Swifts, along with a few swallows, circled overhead as the sun sank below the horizon. Bats began to swirl about, taking over the insect hunt for their diurnal counterparts. Bullfrogs called loudly in the water below. Slowly at first, but then with more frequency, insects began to whirl about the mercury vaporRead more