Watching TVs

Several weeks ago as I walked down the boardwalk into Explore the Wild I noticed a Turkey Vulture (TV) soaring low over the trees at the NE corner of the Wetlands. I thought, “There must be something dead over there.” A few days later I saw a TV clumsily fly down through the trees in that same area. “There’s GOT to be something dead over there.” I thought. And then, a few days after that, I heard two crows callingRead more

The Raven and the Vultures

As I stood on the Wetlands Overlook peeping through the viewfinder of my camera and waiting for a Yellow-rumped Warbler to magically appear on the Wax Myrtle nuts my camera was focused on, I heard the call of a Common Raven. I heard the call several times before I realized that it was indeed a raven. It was December 10th and I had heard what I thought was a Raven several days before, but discounted it when the calling ceasedRead more